Sunday, December 14, 2008

Encouraging Results on the PSA Score

In April, I wrote about my husband's PSA score going up a year after his prostatectomy. The rise in PSA slowed after that and this past quarter, it actually went down a little. His urologist said the decline is not significant; small changes in PSA may be due to lab test inconsistencies. Still, we are much encouraged that it is not rising quickly.

Eventually it will probably reach a point where the cancer needs further treatment to keep from spreading. Right now they can't tell where it resides so they can't treat it. My hope is that it will grow so slowly that by the time treatment is indicated, treatment options will have advanced. For instance, the hormone therapy that the doctor is talking about has side-effects and is only effective for a few years anyway. In the future, doctors should know more about lessening the side-effects, and may even have medications that are effective for a longer term.