Thursday, December 18, 2008

Antibacterial Soap Not So Good

Care2 has an interesting story on "The Trouble with Triclosan in Your Soap." Aside from the basic uselessness of antibacterials in hand soap, read this paragraph:

"Antibacterial resistance is not the only health concern associated with triclosan. The increased use of antibacterials in general has been linked to increased allergies in children. Further studies specific to triclosan have shown that it affects reproduction in lab animals, produces toxic chemicals such as dioxin and chloroform when it reacts with other chemicals like the chlorine in water, irritates skin in humans and might even cause cancer. New laboratory studies on rats and frogs show that triclosan can disrupt thyroid hormone, alter development and impair important functions at the cellular level. And a study by British researchers found that triclosan has estrogenic and androgenic hormone properties and exposure could potentially contribute to the development of breast cancer."

Unfortunately, it's easier to find liquid soaps that contain antibacterial chemicals than to find them without them.