Friday, April 8, 2011

Ouch! Dog bite!

My dog bit me! He got his leash wrapped around one of his legs and could not get free and was barking furiously. I reached down to help him and he bit my hand! He looked startled as soon as he did it and I was able to finish freeing his leg.

After I washed the wound on my hand, I decided it needed medical attention. Although not huge, it was a lot more than a scratch. Since my doctor's office was already closed for the day, I went to the hospital.

I had to wait for a couple of hours but finally I saw a doctor. She cleaned the bite with saline solution and had me get an X-ray and a tetanus shot. She returned to say the X-ray was fine and prescribed an antibiotic. Then she applied a splint and gauze and an elastic-type wrapping. She said that bites often get infected so the antibiotic is important.

Now a couple of days have passed and I'm doing well. Need to work on dog behavior though!