Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why the Anti-Abortion Movement is a Wasted Effort

Well, I've been disappointed in the number of people who voted for a candidate on the basis of his anti-abortion views. Never mind that he did not hold that position until he was running for office! But why does this position outweigh serious deficiencies in a person's character? People are so easily fooled!

Personally I am pro-choice, even though I am also pro-child. I happen to be old enough to remember the days when abortion was illegal. It was still common but it was dangerous! And many women tried to bring on miscarriages by various means like jumping off tables — risky but desperate actions! Legal abortions are much safer.

It makes better sense to increase access to birth control and motivate both genders to use it. Of course, abstinence is still an option, although it seems to be very difficult for young people whose hormones are pulsing. Still, they are more likely to choose it if they have self-confidence and see a bright future ahead, with opportunities to be gained by postponing intimate relationships.

A major newspaper reports that when legislation makes abortion hard to obtain, internet searches on do-it-yourself abortion increase. So it's too late to stop abortion anyway! (See this Glamour magazine article.) I am not advocating that anyone get an abortion drug from Mexico, by the way. Even for herbal abortions, women need to be very well-informed before taking them because even culinary herbs can be dangerous in high quantities. But these herbs will never be outlawed because we need them for cooking! And vitamin C is not likely to be outlawed either!

With all this in mind, keeping abortion legal is essential. Doctors should be involved in the decision so that safety can be assured.