Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sensitive to Elastic

My skin is sensitive to some substances including aloe vera, elastic and some kinds of bandage adhesive. Avoiding elastic on the skin can be a challenge; I have to shop carefully.

Here are a couple of places where you can buy non-elastic underthings:
  • Cottonique - Underpants are sized small; I had to get a larger size than usual. Also, they did not enclose a packing slip which made returns a bit frustrating. However, I am now happy with my items. Got an organic cotton camisole which is super-soft!
  • Decent Exposures - Underpants are sized more generously but cost more. They will custom-make a bra for you and you can return it for adjustments. Custom items take several weeks. Quality is high, selection is good. I'm a repeat customer.


Anonymous said...

You likely have a latex allergy. Latex is present in adhesives, elastic (rubber) and cross reacts with aloe.