Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Little Help from Prozac

As we planned our trip to visit my husband's sister, he decided to go back on Prozac (fluoxetine). He was on it before for anxiety (and a nasty temper) but had been off it since early fall. His anxiety and crankiness had returned, and I blamed it for a yelling session he blasted upon his son-in-law over the holidays and also for my going into therapy around the same time. I try to be understanding - having diabetes and cancer is stressful, after all. But his frequent screaming spells were hard to take. Sometimes I yelled back, and sometimes I just got depressed.

Then he started experiencing stress that woke him up at night, which had been one of the reasons he went on prozac before. This and his fear of having a big argument with his sister were the reasons he started taking the medication again.

Well, I'm glad he did. He is much pleasanter - still yells but not as often. I will probably stop needing therapy! And our visit with his sister went well, although he got pretty upset with her fast driving. (I was scared by it too, but said little about it.) I'm sure he would have had a big screaming fight with her if he wasn't on medication. It has happened before.

Personally I would like to see him manage stress without medication, but he really isn't sufficiently motivated. Being verbally abusive has its rewards, after all. People avoid crossing you, and try not to annoy you with loud sounds, etc. In the long run, though, they withdraw from you. And maybe start to dislike you. Not good.