Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ivy, A Poem

Recently I found this on a slip of paper. I wrote it many years ago, long before I learned that ivy is considered an invasive plant here. Before I toss out the slip of paper, I want to share this:

Creeping in
like the ivy on the back door sill,
the first doubts.
Shall I cut them off?
No, better to tug them gently,
back to the roots
where they get sustenance from the soil.
Then cut them. Perhaps use the plant to decorate some barren spot.

Perhaps use my knowledge to look at myself
once again and learn.
Am I too high-minded
or too accepting?
Or just too high in expectations?

Ivy is a lovely plant.
Did I not encourage it to grow?
If I were to pull it all out,
I would be depriving myself of something