Friday, October 15, 2010

I've Got Bruises (and they have names)

I received several large bruises when our car was hit from behind a few days ago. We had stopped behind a car which was turning when a vehicle behind us did not stop in time. My car was totaled but our injuries were not serious.

I've decided to name my bruises Lucky, Caution, and Nagging.
  1. Lucky because I was really fortunate that I was not seriously hurt.
  2. Caution because I must remember to use caution while driving. For instance, the next time we have to stop for traffic, I will turn on the flashers to be sure drivers coming up behind me can see me sooner.
  3. Nagging because not only does the largest bruise produce nagging pain, but also because nagging someone can be a positive thing! I'm glad I nagged my husband to wear his seat belt; it may have saved his life.