Monday, February 2, 2009

Supplements Causing Burning Urine?

My dog was acting irritable and sometimes aggressive. I read that you can give tryptophan or 5-HTP to dogs to make them calmer, so I tried it.

Then he started having "accidents" - needing to urinate more often and, if we didn't rush him outside immediately, piddling on the carpet. On the second day as I was cleaning up after him, I realized that the 5-HTP might be causing the problem. I stopped adding it to his food and he immediately stopped having accidents.

I could relate to his problem because some supplements make my urine burn. I've wasted a good bit of money on supplements that were supposed to be good for you but then gave me symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection. The last one that did that was HCA. Since then I have avoided most supplements that have "acid" in their name.

Moral: When taking supplements, watch for changes that indicate possible side-effects.

Articles: 5-HTP Toxicosis in Dogs
Effect of Tryptophan on Canine Aggression (PDF)


Anonymous said...

What other supplements have caused this problem for you? Thanks

Linilla said...

Usually ones that are some kind of acid. Too much vitamin C also, although 500 mg is okay.